Wireless Charging in Action


Wireless charging technology is here today — it provides us the means of scaling and addressing the rapidly evolving transportation industry around the world.


Public Transit Delivery Vans Auto Fleets

Case Study

Wireless charging offers reduced cost and increased efficiency refueling autonomous and electric vehicles. Cities are moving toward electric vehicles for public transportation, but limited battery capacity (range) has hindered their growth. Momentum Dynamics’ wireless, high-power charging systems can provide unlimited range to fleets with set routes.

 Public Transit

With on-route and in-depot inductive charging systems, electric buses can now outperform diesel-fueled and hybrid buses in terms of extending the vehicle’s driving range. By providing unlimited range, Momentum can reduce the number of buses and chargers needed by an operator. The system is installed in the roadway, which allows buses to be recharged multiple times per day during their scheduled stops.

Charging at 50 to 450 kW while a bus is loading and un-loading passengers.

Low-profile, tightly stacked autonomous charging

 Delivery Vans

The Momentum charging system is ideal for charging delivery vans at 50 kW to 150 kW while packages or cargo are being coordinated at the loading dock. From the moment the vehicle backs up to the loading dock until it pulls away, Momentum’s wireless charger is adding energy to the battery automatically with no driver engagement required.

Fast: High power (up to 150kW) charging systems for delivery vans and trucks

Automatic: Never worry about charging while at the dock

 Auto Fleets

The Momentum charging system is ideal for high-utilization fleets such as taxis and can provide up to 75 kW of power automatically while the taxi is in the queue.

Maximize in-service time:
Never take time out of your day to charge

Charging happens in the background while you wait

Link Transit Bus with Momentum Dynamics Charging Pads in Wenatchee, WA

Mass Transit Case Study – Link Transit



Since commissioning in March of 2018, Momentum Dynamics’ technology on Link Transit has:

  • Delivered over 50 Megawatts
  • Driven over 50,000 miles.
  • Displaced 16,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Prevented 181 tons of CO2 gases from being emitted.

The wireless charging system used at Link Transit charges at up to 200kW. It is installed at a transit stop at Columbia Station in Wenatchee, WA where multiple transit vehicles arrive hourly.

Key Findings / Results

Use Case

Bus charged 7-10 minutes every hour, up to 16 hours/day, maintaining 75% SOC.

Battery Usage

Opportunity charging (Partial State of Charge) enabled over 190% of bus battery capacity per day.

Driving Range

Range extension of up to 313 miles, or essentially unlimited driving range.

Weather Impacts

No impacts from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Charged through snow and ice with no service interruptions.

System Design


The charging system is a modular design, consisting of 4 charging pads connected in parallel on the vehicle, with each charging pad capable of delivering 50kW of power to the battery.

The ground side of the system is ruggedized and installed in the roadway. The charging electronics cabinet is located near the bus stop and has been wrapped with informational diagrams showing how clean energy is generated by the nearby Grand Coulee Dam and is transformed into energy to power the electric buses.