A Note from Our President & CEO


Thank you for taking time to learn about Momentum Dynamics, the market leader, developer and technology provider of fast, efficient autonomous high-power wireless charging systems for the automotive and transportation industries.

The world is undergoing what stands to be the largest technological and economic transformation in history. The transportation and energy industries are undergoing massive change as Electric Vehicle adoption accelerates across the world, and as the critical fueling infrastructure scales with it.

We will be providing updates, making announcements and commenting on the growing narrative around electric mobility and wireless charging here, as well as on our LinkedIn page.

Additionally, you can always reach us at info@momentumdynamics.com for any inquiries or if you’d like to partner with us going forward.

Thank you,

Andy Daga, President & CEO

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Momentum Dynamics, located in Malvern, PA, is the global leader in high-power wireless charging for electric vehicles. The company practices world-class technology innovation and is recognized for the extraordinary accomplishments and unique expertise of its engineers and scientists. Momentum was recently named a winner of the 2019 Emerging Technology Award from Mechanical Engineering Magazine.

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